Maderfilm is a motion picture and media studio founded by award-winning filmmaker Kenneth Mader, recently named one of the “Top 100 Indie Filmmakers in the World” by Action On Film’s Del Weston. Our mission is to create high-quality entertainment with high production values and smart, thought-provoking writing that values story and characters while exploring the human experience.

Carnivore_VODArtIf you’re a fan of campy 80’s B movies, watch Maderfilm’s first feature, CARNIVORE, this Halloween! Since its World Broadcast Premiere on SyFy, DVD release by Fox Home Entertainment, and licensing deals throughout the world, CARNIVORE became an international cult hit. Now, the 2001 film has been re-mastered for Digital HD and re-released: check it out on Comcast or on Amazon Prime both in the US and the UK.









Kenneth Mader’s first novel AFTERLIFE, Book One of The Arcadia Chronicles, has official cover art and will be published in February, 2020.  Find Out More Here!
A great watch for Halloween, CARNIVORE, our first feature, has been re-released on Amazon Prime.  Find Out More Here!
Maderfilm’s ECHOES honored with three awards and 11 nominations at the Action on Film Festival in Las Vegas. Find Out More Here!
DISPLACEMENT is available on DVD and VOD! Watch it Here!

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