Since its World Broadcast Premiere on SyFy, DVD release by Fox Home Entertainment, and licensing deals throughout the world, CARNIVORE became an international cult hit. Now, the 2001 film has been re-mastered for Digital HD and re-released on Amazon Prime, Comcast iNDemand, and elsewhere.

CarnivoreKeyartw_credits_smWith its roots in classic 1980’s sci-fi/horror, it retains a fun, quirky, nostalgic ’80s feel. No fancy computer graphics here, this is a rubber-suited monster movie at its best, complete with hapless teenagers who stumble upon a vacant old house that, unbeknownst to them, is home to a top-secret government experiment… the Carnivore of the title.

Filming began way back in 1989, shooting on weekends as the filmmakers scraped together their shoestring budget piecemeal, and didn’t wrap until 1991, followed by nearly a decade of post-production delays until the picture was finally completed in early 2000. It premiered at both the American Film Market and Cannes Film Festival that year to resounding success, and continues to be a favorite among B-movie fans and buyers alike. Not bad for a no-budget movie by two first-time filmmakers that took nearly twelve years to complete!

If you’re a fan of campy 80’s B movies, this film is for you. Check it out on Comcast or on Amazon Prime both in the US and the UK.

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