The Arcadia Chronicles series, written by Julie Kimbrell Ishaya and Kenneth Mader, provides the foundation and source material for an epic new supernatural adventure saga and is based on our multi-award-winning short film PASSING DARKNESS.

Now available to order in hardcover and eBook through  Zimbell House Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million.



The Arcadia Chronicles: Book One 

The line between this world and the next has just been blurred.

After the brutal murder of her husband, a young mother must protect her child from dark forces that threaten not just their lives, but her sanity… and learn a shocking truth on her way to redemption.

A female-driven paranormal action fantasy that spans a planned four-book series, Afterlife is the story of young mother Elaine Ways, a competitive martial artist and sudden widow, who dreams of a world free of grief and guilt. A world where she is a kind of heroine; powerful, enigmatic, dangerous. A dark warrior named Arcadia, protecting the lost souls of innocent children trapped in an alternate reality between this world and the next that she calls The Realm.

Her therapist calls it projection, a way of coping with the brutal murder of her husband Derek, utilizing her martial arts skills for a kind of revenge fantasy. But Elaine believes it is something more. The dreams feel real. More like premonitions, or even memories.

Ten-year-old Samantha DuPrea knows the dreams are real. Stricken with a rare form of brain cancer, Samantha is a gifted child with the ability to ‘travel’ to the other side and interact with the dead in their world, much the same way spirits can enter ours. She is one of a number of children involved in the Darkness Project, a covert government experiment in communicating with the dead, via kids with this unique ability to ‘project their essence’ into the afterlife.

Developed by Elaine’s slain physicist husband Derek, in partnership with her sister Jessica, a renowned brain cancer researcher, the technology can both track the children while they are on the other side, and allow the adults to follow them into that world. Jessica discovered that the experience helps keep the children’s tumors in check, so she built a program that both monitors their well-being, while also creating a portal to that other reality. Once the door is opened however, there is no telling where it may lead… or what may come back through.

And the children are dying.

When young Samantha suddenly goes missing in the Realm, it is up to Elaine to find her, and battle not only the forces of that dark universe, but her own personal demons as well. Joined by her sister Jessica and project liaison Will Parsons, they are led to an ultimate confrontation with a powerful dark lord of the Realm, and Elaine’s ultimate fate as a warrior in the afterlife.

First book of the series, AFTERLIFE, is now complete and will be published in February 2020. The next three books in the series are already in development, with book two currently being written.


Watch Passing Darkness! See the story that started it all.

Now available to order in hardcover and eBook through  Zimbell House Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million.


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