AFTERLIFE, the first book in the Arcadia Chronicles series, was written by Julie Kimbrell Ishaya and Kenneth Mader. It provides the foundation and source material for an epic new supernatural adventure saga and is based on our multi-award-winning short film PASSING DARKNESS which features NYPD Blue’s Andrea Thompson and Stargate SG-1’s Don S. Davis.


Imagine having the ability to ‘punch through’ to the other side and interact with the dead in their world – much the same way spirits can enter ours. Such is the ability of young Samantha DuPrea and other children involved in the Darkness Project; a covert government experiment in communicating with the dead, utilizing children with this unique ability to ‘project their essence’ as portals to the other side.

First book of the series, AFTERLIFE, is now complete and to be published soon.

Watch Passing Darkness! See the story that started it all.


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